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A complete car wash has many worthwhile benefits, more than what meets the eye. Hand wash doesn't provide the adequate supply of water to clean off the dirt and grime that get accumulated on cars overtime. A simple hand car wash may remove dirt from the visible outside layers of the car but the tougher, more obstinate and hidden stains can only be removed during a complete professional car wash. Removing those hidden stains help in extending the life of various parts of the car. A professional car wash service provider while washing your car also ensures that the correct detergents, cleaning agents, and gadgets are being used in the process.

  •   Car Washing Service on Your Door
  •   Weakly & Smooth Car Washing
  •   Washing & Cleaning Inside Outside
  •   Work with Experience
  •   24*7 Service
  •   Starting from $8 / H Onwards

Extra cleaning services

In addition to general housekeeping services, you can also request your part-time housekeeper to take care of additional cleaning tasks. There are corners of our houses that are always forgotten, with chores left on our to-do lists for months at a time. Whether it's cleaning your fridge, oven, windows, wardrobes, or doing your ironing, no-one wants to spend their free time scrubbing their home from top to bottom. Our housekeeping partners can happily take these chores off your hands, for the same transparent rates as our usual home cleaning.

  • Recurring Booking
  • $ 20 / H Onwards
  • Book Now
  • Weekly of bi-weekly Cleaning
  • No binding contract
  • Flexible Online Booking
  • Discounted Price
  • Book your preferred cleaner
  • Single Booking
  • $ 30 / H Onwards
  • Book Now
  • One-off Cleaning
  • No binding contract
  • Flexible online booking

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